Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Has the current owner agreed to sell?
A: Yes! The owner has agreed to the offer presented by the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority to purchase the 10 lots (see The Deal for details).

Q: Will my donation go directly to the effort to save the trail?
A: Yes. Your donation will go directly to the effort to raise the funds necessary to complete the deal to save La Rocha Trail. You can donate by sending a check made out to:

Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA)
be sure to write “For La Rocha Trail” on the memo line
attn: Diane Sacks
5810 Ramirez Canyon Road
Malibu CA 90265

Q: What happens to my donation if sufficient funds aren’t raised in time to finalize the deal?
A: In the unlikely event that the Friends of La Rocha Trail is unable to raise the full amount needed to complete the purchase of the property, the MRCA will offer to refund your donation.

Q: Who will be the “owner” after the lots are purchased?
A: Once the purchase is complete, the lots will become conservation land, to be maintained as permanent, public, open space.

Q: Who do I contact?
Alexa Iles Skarpelos
Judy Kass Dowden