Escrow Closes!
The MRCA closed escrow on the 10 lots along the La Rocha Trail on November 22, 2011.
Online auction raises $5,300 to date
A very successful campaign through the online auction site has helped raise over $5,000 to save the trail.
Raffle at Dell BBQ a great success
The Hollywood Dell Civic Associations 5th annual Summer BBQ gave the Friends of La Rocha Trail the opportunity to raise additional funds through a well-received raffle.
Public Funds Pledged!
During a recent meeting, LA City Council Member Tom LaBonge, opened the conversation with a generous pledge of $225,000 towards the purchase of the 10 lots along La Rocha Trail.
Escrow Opens
An 8-month escrow period began on April 26, 2011. That means we have just 250 days until the December 26th deadline for raising the balance to complete the deal.
Baseline Hillside Ordinance
The Baseline Hillside Ordinance goes into effect on May 9, 2011. The ordinance was enacted as a response to overscale and, inappropriate building in the hills.
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Deposit Raised By Deadline

Within one week, a large group of supporters from all over the Hollywood Dell and beyond successfully raised $75,000 for a deposit on the La Rocha Trail.



Our Hollywood Dell (and beyond) community made it happen. La Rocha Trail is now greenspace in perpetuity. The purchase of the 10 lots along La Rocha Trail is completed and now the property is under the conservatorship of the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority.

Congratulations, and thank you to ALL of the Friends of La Rocha Trail!


Sunday, January 29th there will be a victory party/community celebration for the trail.